Explaining the 30 / 60 / 90-day plan [with examples]

  • A plan can help create a positive impression on the interviewer as you demonstrate you are someone who can think long term.
  • It will help with a smoother onboarding as your goals will already be set out based on your research into the position and employer.
  • You will have clear personal goals set for the first 90 days, increasing your productivity in the new position.
  • It will increase your chances of being hired as it shows your seriousness to that particular company.
  • Sit with senior members of the technical team to identify the correct process and ticketing system.
  • Reaffirm my knowledge by presenting it back to the wider development team.
  • Work with Full-Stack developers to improve my own Node.JS knowledge with 3 pair programming sessions a week.
  • Meet everyone in the technical, design and product team and introduce myself.



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Eden Whitcomb

Eden Whitcomb

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